• Students explored family ancestry and traditions at Kresson School


    Students in Mrs. Palmer’s 3rd grade class celebrated the completion a family lineage project. This 5 month collaborative effort invited students to explore their family’s history, culture and traditions by way of their favorite family foods!


    By means of family interviews, Mrs. Palmer’s students investigated family traditions and cultures associated with their favorite “home cooked” meal. Students were also asked to examine the different words, holidays, relatives, stories, and customs related to the meal. Utilizing the computer lab, portable Dell Netbooks, Microsoft Power Point, and the school’s website, Mrs. Palmer’s students created a multi-sensory, collaborative class project recounting their favorite family recipes, as well as the cultural and historical significance of those recipes.


    By offering students the ability to dialogue and explore their own culture and lineage through an investigation of these recipes, the class sought to encourage a level of acceptance, dialogue, and freedom in the classroom. Through the utilization of technology as an instructional tool, and the primary medium for students to create their virtual cookbooks, the class created a multi-sensory project that could easy be incorporated into the student’s websites and shared with parents, peers, and staff. The result has been a fun and rewarding project for the students.


    The project culminated with a multicultural feast, a smorgasbord, shared by students, parents, and teachers!