• Global Interdependency
    Discover your own global network by completing the "Global Closet Calculator"—a two-part interactive game that introduces the concepts of interdependence and globalization.
    In the first part, you can see the ways in which your clothes and accessories connect you to people and places around the world.
    The second part will call on critical thinking and geographic decision-making skills in an adventurous investigative journey. You will consider different values and points of view while making a pair of jeans to earn badges reflecting those choices.
    Clothing labels only have one country on the label, but what they don't tell you is all the other people and places that helped make them. Whether it's raw materials, manufacturing or just being part of a trade route, lots of places and people have a role to play in the stories of our objects.

    On the next part of your adventure we'll look at some of the ways that even simple objects can affect lots of people in lots of different ways.