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    about yellow fever in 1793. Fill out the answers on 
    your research sheet. This will be handed in for a
    grade when finished!


    1. What city was the first official capital of the United States?
    2. What is grippe?

    3. How is yellow fever spread (transmitted)?

    4. What are at least 5 main symptoms of a patient with yellow fever?
    5. Describe the physical appearance of a person with jaundice. Why do you think the fever is called "Yellow" fever?
    6. Which president lived in the President’s House in 1793? Describe his residence there. Another source here.
    7. Who was Benjamin Rush? Why was he such an influential person at the time of the yellow fever epidemic? Read about his ideas for treatment here. 
    8. List and describe at least two medical treatments for yellow fever that were common during this time period.
    9. How many people died during the Yellow Fever Epidemic in 1793?
    10. What is the modern treatment for yellow fever? How does this differ from how they treated the sickness in 1793?
    11. What services did the Free African Society provide to citizens of Philadelphia in 1793?
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