• absentee ballot: used to vote whensomeone cannot physically be at the polling place on election day

    amendment: a change to the U.S.Constitution

    ballot: a sheet of paper, cardboard card, or electronicinstrument used to cast a vote
    bill: a proposed law
    bipartisan: supported by both political parties
    campaign: a race between candidates for elective office
    caucus: a meeting of members of a political party, usually toappoint representatives to party positions
    coalition: an alliance of people or political parties
    Congress: legislative body of the United States
    conservative: someone preferring traditional values and views
    constituent: a person represented by an elected official
    delegate: one sent to act as a representative for a group
    democracy: government in whichthe people hold the ruling power
    enfranchise: to grant the vote to
    lame duck: an elected official still in office who has not beenreelected for another term, or who is resigning at the end of the term
    grass roots: the common people at a local level
    incumbent: someone currently holding an office
    liberal: someone preferring change and social programs to helplower classes in society
    nominate: to name as a candidate for an election
    partisan: devoted to a cause or a party
    petition: a written request signed by many people demanding anaction from an authority or government
    platform: a document stating the aims and principles of apolitical party
    poll: the place where votes are cast and registered, or asurvey of the public
    primary: an election for choosing the candidates who will run inthe final election
    veto: to prevent a bill from becoming law