pink butterflies

    Don't Ever Lose Faith in Yourself
    Never think that any part of you is lacking.
    Never doubt your abilities.
    Never question your judgment.
    Never let anyone or anything
    Make you feel less than you are,
    Because who you are is someone special.
     butterfly and hands
    Never feel that the next step
    Is a step too far.
    If you're stumbling as you walk,
    Hold your head high and
    Know that no other person's
    Words or actions
    Can ever hurt you,
    Because who you are
    Is someone special.
    Never lose faith in yourself.
    Just look around you --
    At the friends who surround you  --
    Because they love and care for you,
    Support you,
    And believe in you...
    Because you are someone special.
    --Ashley Bell
    Every one of you has gifts, talents, and ways that you are smart.  Always remember that your teachers at Kresson School care about you, support you, and believe in you!