Welcome to Speech-Language Pathology
    The Speech and Language department typically offers brief screenings in September to all kindergarten students in Hamilton School.  After completion of the screening, parents of the kindergarten students are notified in writing about the results of the screening.  Also, all students who are new to the school and children presently in first through fifth grade identified by their classroom teacher as using speech sound errors not typical for that age/grade will be screened.  Parents are always welcome to call with questions, concerns or information regarding their child's speech and language development. 
    Speech and/or areas that are serviced include:  
    Voice:  may be hoarse, breathy or nasal.
    Fluency:  may stutter, repeat words, hesitate or prolong words.
    Language:  may have difficulty processing language, poor grammar, short-term auditory memory issues, or difficulty expressing their thoughts.
    Hearing:  may appear inattentive or ask to have information repeated.
    Articulation:  may omit, substitute or distort certain sounds.  Guidelines for articulation enrollment are as follows: 
    Difficulties with production of k and g, f, v, sh, ch, j, ng, w, h, l, m, n, y, p., b, t, and d.
    Difficulties with sh, ch, and j.
    Second through Fifth
    Difficulties with s, z, r,  and th.