•  Fostering Action for a Stronger Tomorrow
    (aka F.A.S.T. Project)
    franklin sacagawea anthony edison marshall peterson
    Our country has a long history of tremendous accomplishment, previously unimaginable innovation, and world-changing action. Thanks to our value of education and freedom, many everyday people have done extraordinary things.  
    The F.A.S.T. Project will give each students an opportunity to continue this American tradition. In the past few years, there have several dozens projects ranging from posters to help people improve their study skills to having a law passed in the NJ State Legislature.
    What will you do to "change the world"?
    The F.A.S.T. Project is designed to:
       1)  encourage students to employ critical thinking skills
       2)  empower our students to affect change in their own community
       3)  afford students a chance to experience the pride of creating an original work.