• Classroom Policies and Procedures


     If your child will be absent from school, please call me at school in the morning (428-2990 x 4112) with instructions as to how to send home missed work for your child.  Students are responsible for completing work missed during absences.  Students will be held responsible to take any tests and/or quizzes they may have missed due to absences.


    Homework is an important part of your child's learning experience.  Homework is meant to reinforce the skills that are learned during the school day, and any support given at home will only increase your child's knowledge.  It is given on a nightly basis and is expected to be handed in on time.  Assignments that are not returned to school on time will have to be completed during recess.


    Tests and Test Folders
    A Test Schedule will be sent home every week, notifying you of what tests/quizzes, and when, for the following week.

    Reading, Spelling, and Grammar tests are given every Friday.  Students will be working on the tested skills during the  week before the tests on Friday.  Students should be studying their spelling words and the grammar skill throughout the week at home. 

    Notice of Math, Science, and Social Studies tests and quizzes will be given approximately one week in advance.  This should provide the students ample time to review the skills and knowledge learned.

    Test Folders
    Folders will always be sent home on Friday's.  Please review each test with your child.  Parents, please sign all tests/quizzes and return them in the test folder to school the following Monday.  I will keep all tests and quizzes on file for each Marking Period.  


    Text Books

     Your child will be responsible for several text books throughout the school year.  Please make sure that all text books are covered to help keep them in good condition.  Any school property that is lost or broken due to negligence will have to be paid for.     


    Star Student

    Each student will have an opportunity to shine as our Star Student.  That student will have one week to complete a poster about themselves.  On Monday the student will present the information from the poster and  may bring ONE object from home for  "Show and Tell."