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    red apple Health Education at Kresson
    Medical Research indicates that children who practice healthy lifestyles are more likely to succeed academically, physically and emotionally. Here at Kresson School we encourage all students to develop a sound mind and body. 

    Safety is stressed in the fall with our students in our health classes.  Bus and pedestrian safety in September,  fire safety in October, and then on to stranger safety.  Activities such as role playing, interactive and hands on activities are stressed in health classes.   A positive atmosphere,  support and fun is  always part of our learning environment.

    As the year progresses, we will be touching upon lessons that will included wellness, respecting differences, preventing illness and disease, and good nutrition.  All students will be encouraged to learn and apply health enhancing information, concepts and life skills that pertain to everyday life.  Students will be encouraged to make good decisions to support a healthy, active lifestyle.