1.    Seventh graders are young adults and like to be treated like young adults.  Therefore we will act like adults.

    2.    Homework is due the next day.  If it is not done, you receive zero homework credit.  If it is partially done (this includes skipping the last problem) you receive no credit.  Late Homework is not accepted unless you were absent.

    homework dog


    3.    Homework is not graded, but checked for completion.  If you don't understand something, make an effort and try each example.  You will not be penalized for a wrong answer, if you made a sincere effort.  "I didn't understand it," is not an excuse for not doing homework.

    4.  Homework counts for 10% of your grade.  THIS IS AN EASY WAY TO INCREASE YOUR GRADE.

    5.    Quizzes are given every 1 - 2 weeks.  They count for 40% of your grade.  Chapter Tests are given every 4-6 weeks.  They count for 50% of your grade.

    6.    Teasing and bullying, whether verbal or physical, are not tolerated.  If someone is picking on you, tell me and I will stop it.

     7.    Never be afraid to ask a question.  We learn more from questions than we do from answers.

    I-Pad and Other Electronic Device Rules
    1. Cellphones are not allowed to be turned on during class.  Any that are will be confiscated and turned in to the 7th grade office. 
    2. I-Pads may always be used in class for any class-related purpose.  This includes but is not limited to note-taking, research, reading the Social Studies text, and working on assigned projects.
    3. I-Pads may not be used in class for social media, e-mail, music, games of any type or any other purpose not specifically authorized. I-Pads may not be used for audio recording or for taking pictures without permission.  THIS IS YOUR WARNING. The penalty for the first violation of this rule is teacher detention.
    Test and Quiz Retakes 
    Any student obtaining a score of less than 65 may retake any test or quiz.  Retakes are given after school Monday through Wednesday. A successful retake will raise the grade to 65.