• Supplies needed in Mr. Sapovits's Science Class for a successful year!


    • 3 ring (notebook) binder (2"- 3")   *must be able to hold the entire year's information
    •             (Notebooks can NOT be shared with any other classes!)
    • Ipad
    • 3 hole loose-leaf lined paper
    • dark pens (dark blue or black)   *have several on hand
    • pencil & eraser
      School Supplies
    • assorted colored pencils or medium sized colored markers   *No crayons
    • English/Metric ruler
    • *3 ring FLAT (light-weight) hole puncher - fits in rings  *(OPTIONAL)
    • pencil pouch to fit inside of notebook
    • red pen
    • reinforcements
    • highlighter (any color)
      *Science supplies must be brought to class everyday, and 
      should not be shared with other subjects,
      in order for you to have them with you.