• Map Skills

    Do you know where you're going?  Do you know how to get there?  Do you know someone who refuses to stop and ask for directions on the way to your vacation destination?!
    We are currently working on the Geography Syllabus. Check the calendar for due dates!  You can also study your geography outline. Some notes about geography and maps  We also learned about Latitude and Longitude.  You can practice finding absolute location here. Good Luck!
    Have you finished your World Map yet?! Make sure you have all the continents colored in, a key for the map, and the oceans labelled.
    Based on our class vote, our new theme Map Skills theme song is . . .
    This is our OLD theme song.
    Map skills will be one of the very first topics covered in Social Studies this year.  Some of the things we will talk about include types of maps, latitude and longitude, and the reasons for our seasons. It's important to learn these concepts at the beginning of the year because they will be touched on during or other units and current events!

    These links can help you learn more about geography and map skills.


    Map Skills Challenge

    Where is that? Geography Game

    How far is it? - Find the distance between ANY two places in the world!

    The Geography Network