• Earth Day 2016
    Inspired by Earth Day, the VMS Green Council encourages their fellow students to discover the joys of nature and learn more about the environment. Here are some activities to help teachers bring nature and environmental discussion into their classes in some way. Here are some "live animal cams" that you can also share with your students.
    Besides promoting a greater conservation awareness, "getting wild" with your students by incorporating animals, nature, and bringing them into the environment outside can have a profound impact throughout all domains of child development. In Los Angeles, Principal Brad Rumble witnessed the cognitive development and boost in test scores amongst his students at Leo Politi Elementary School. Dogwood Canyon Audubon Center and Cedar Hill ISD recently partnered on a project that also demonstrates improvement in standardized test performance related to environmental studies. Increased recess time is proving to deliver benefits at Eagle Mountain Elementary School in Fort Worth, Texas. 
    Language Arts/Literacy
     more activities coming soon!
    more activities coming soon!
    Earth Day Jeopardy 
    NJ Wildlife Jeopardy
     These are both interactive games.
    Students choose a question form a category
    then attempt to answer it correctly for points.  
    Teacher can serve as facilitator or even game show host!
    Social Studies/History
    100 Years of National Parks
    more activities coming soon!
    more activities coming soon!
    Arts and Music
    more activities coming soon!

    NJEA Review has previously featured the idea of bringing "birdwatching" into the classroom.