• Dear Parents,
             Hi! my name is Dawn Scholefield. I am a special education teacher at Hamilton School. I have a M.Ed in Special Education from the University of Vermont. I have been a teacher in Voorhees Township for 24 years. I have also worked at Signal Hill and Osage elementary schools in the school district. I have taught Preschool special needs, self-contained for children with special needs, and resource room. 
             I believe in a close working relationship with parents. We have a daily communication sheet that travels between home and school on a daily basis. Phone calls are welcome as needed. I can be reached at 856-767-4888 ext. 73102. You can also email me at  scholefield@voorhees.k12.nj . Parent conferences are held a minimum of two times a year but are generally held more frequently to maintain consistent learner expectations between home and school.
                                                                                 Dawn Scholefield