Samples of Activity #2 from Rose Blanche

    Mrs. Schmidts 6th grade reading class

    These acrostic poems were written using the title of the book, Rose Blanche.There are many references to the characters and storyline from the novel, The Devils Arithmetic by Jane Yolen because these students had just finished reading that novel.

    Raucous is all around
    Often Jews are beaten, tortured, and killed
    Soldiers are relocating Jews
    Evil surrounds the concentration camps
    Barbers cut the prisoners hair
    Liliths Cave burns its victims
    Ashes are that is left of the prisoners
    Nazis are killing all who are different
    Children are being killed for no reason
    Heinous crimes break out all over Europe
    Evil SS men murdering people and feeling no guilt

                By Sapna, James, Fatima, Cruz, Jeremy

    Rivka changed her name to Eva to forget her past
    Organizing was what they did to survive
    Swastikas were one of the evil symbols of the Holocaust
    Eastern Europe was where the Holocaust occurred
    Battles against the Nazis took place during the Holocaust
    Life went on after the Holocaust
    Anti-Semitism was strong during the Holocaust
    Nazis were the German soldiers who hated and killed the Jews
    Concentration camps were where the Jews were held prisoner
    Holocaust was the event when six million Jews died
    Extermination of the Jews was called the Final Solution

                By Caitlin, Eugene, Juzer, Alicia

    Rotten Nazis took away prisoners rights
    Over 6 million Jews died
    Survivors were very skinny
    Everyone got their heads shaved

    Barbed wire fences surrounded the camps
    Liliths Cave was very deadly
    Aunt Evas life was saved by Chaya
    Nazis tortured the Jews
    Children go to the midden for safety
    Hitler blamed everything on the Jews
    Every genocide in history cannot compare to the Holocaust

              By Andrew, Kim, Danny, Chris

    Red is the color of blood
    Organizing is the key to life
    Segregation of Jews
    Evidence of death in the camp

    Birds are still around smokestacks
    Licking food out of the cauldron
    A life without joy
    No names; just numbers for prisoners
    Chaya=life; the force to keep Jews alive
    Helpless people dying
    Enormous tragedy 

                By Max, Logen, Conrad, Chrissy

    Riding in a boxcar for days
    Obeying orders was required
    Survivors never forget
    Everyone cared for each other

    Barracks were hot and crowded
    Little children struggled to live
    Afterwards, remembering was painful
    Nazis followed orders consistently
    Camps were filled with prisoners
    Hardships were very common
    Everyday was another day to be thankful for being alive

            By Omar, Stephen, Kim, Dainella

    Rivka had many good suggestions on how to survive in the camp
    Oddly enough Hitler and the Nazis enjoyed watching people suffer
    Sometimes songs were sung to get their minds off of the horror
    Even in the camp the prisoners struggled to keep their hopes up

    Barbers with no discernible skill shaved the prisoners heads
    Liberated survivors from the Holocaust now help to make sure that
            the world remembers what happened
    Adolf Hitler claimed he had a Final Solution to the Jewish problem
    Nazis were cruel, horrible monsters
    Concentration camps were dreadful places
    Holocaust was a very melancholy time for people all over the world
    Everybody must remember the Holocaust so it will never happen again

                By Melissa, Sam, David, Nick