• The following books are recommended for upper elementary, middle school and high school students for Holocaust Studies:


    Fiction Books

    Although these books are classified as fiction, many are based on fact.

    *Picture books are not included in this list


    Asscher-Pinkhof.  Star Children

    Arrick, Fran.  Chernowitz!

    Baylis-White, Mary.  Sheltering Rebecca

    Becker, Jurek.  Jacob The Liar

    Bishop, Clair Huchet.  Twenty and Ten

    Drucker, Malka and Michael Halperin.  Jacobs Rescue; A Holocaust Story

    Friedman, Carl.  Nightfather

    Gotfryd, Bernard.  The Dove Fancier and Other Tales of the Holocaust

    Isaacs, Anne.  Torn Threads

    Kerr, Judith.  When Hitler Stole the Pink Rabbit

    Kerr, M.E.  Gentlehands

    Laird, Christa.  Shadow of the Wall

    Levitin, Sonia.  Journey to America

    Lowry, Lois.  Number the Stars

    Matas, Carol.   After the War

                           Code Name Kris

                           Daniels Story

                           Greater Than Angels

                           In My Enemies House

                           Lisas War

    Mazer, Norma Fox.  Good Night, Maman

    McSwigan, Marie.  Snow Treasure

    Morpurgo, Michael.  Waiting For Anya

    Moskin, Marietta.  I Am Rosemarie

    Nolan, Han.  If I Should Die Before I Wake

    Orgel, Doris.  The Devil in Vienna

    Orlev, Uri.  The Island on Bird Street

                       The Man From the Other Side

    Ozick, Cynthia.  The Shawl

    Richter, Hans Peter.  Friedrich

                                     I Was There

    Reuter, Bjarne.  The Boys From St. Petri

    Pausewang, Gudrun.  The Final Journey

    Sachs, Marilyn.  A Pocket Full of Seeds

    Schnur, Steven.  The Shadow Children

    Serraillier, Ian.  Escape From Warsaw (original title - The Silver Sword)

    Spiegelman, Art.  Maus I

                               Maus II

    Suhl, Yuri.  Uncle Mishas Partisans

    Vos, Ida.  Anna is Still Her

                    Hide and Seek

    Williams, Laura E.  Behind the Bedroom Wall

    Yolen, Jane.  Briar Rose

                         The Devils Arithmetic