• Holocaust Bibliography

    Grades 4-8


    Ackerman, Karen  The Night Crossing

    Baylis-White, Mary  Sheltering Rebecca

    Drucker, Malka  Jacobs Rescue

    Jules, Jacqueline  The Grey Striped Shirt, How Grandma and Grandpa Survived the Holocaust

    Livitin, Sonia  Journey to America

    Lowry, Lois  Number the Stars

    Kerr, Judith  When Hitler Stole the Pink Rabbit

    Matas, Carol  Daniels Story

                          Lisas War

    McSwigan, Marie  Snow Treasure

    Morpurgo,Michael  Waiting for Anya

    Orgel, Doris  Devil in Vienna

    Sachs, Marilyn  A Pocket Full of Seeds

    Schnur, Steven  The Shadow Children

    Spinelli, Jerry  Milkweed

    Van Steen Wyk, Elizabeth  A Traitor Among Us

    Vos, Ida  Anna is Still Here              

                   Hide and Seek

    Williams, Laura E Behind the Bedroom Wall

    Yolen, Jane  The Devil's Arithmetic



    Auerbacher, Inge  I Am A Star - Child of the Holocaust

    Bachrach, Susan D.  Tell Them We Remember

    Bishop, Clare Hutchet  Twenty and Ten

    Cretzmeyer, Stacy  Your Name is Renee:  Ruths Story As a Hidden Child

                                  The Hidden Child  (Paperback)

    Drucker, Olga Levy  Kindertransport

    Fox, Anne L. & Abraham-Podietz, Eva  Ten Thousand Children

    Gold, Alison Leslie  Memories of Anne Frank: Reflections of  a Childhood Friend                             

                                  A Special Fate:  Chiune Sugihara:  A Hero of the Holocaust

    Greenfield, Howard  The Hidden Children

    Hautzig, Esther  The Endless Steppe:  Growing Up in Siberia

    Hurwitz, Johanna   Anne Frank:  Life in Hiding

    Ippisch, Hanneke  Sky:  A True Story of Resistance During World War II

    Leapman, Michael  Witnesses to War - Eight true-life stories of Nazi


    Lobel, Anita  No Pretty Pictures:  A Child of War

    Perl, Lily and Blumenthal-Lazar, Marion  Four Perfect Pebbles

    Pettit, Jayne  A Place to Hide:  True Stories of Holocaust Resistance

    Prager, Arthur and Emily  World War II Resistance Stories

    Reiss, Johanna  The Upstairs Room

    Rosenberg, Maxine B.  Hiding to Survive:  Stories of Jewish Children Rescued From the Holocaust

    Seraillier, Ian  Escape from Warsaw

    Verhoever, Rian  Anne Frank Beyond the Diary

    Volavkova, Hana  I Never Saw Another Butterfly

    Warren, Andrea   Surviving Hitler: A Boy in the Nazi Death Camps

    Wasiljewa, Tatjana  Hostage to War:  A True Story

    Weissmann-Klein, Gerda  All But My Life



    A Friendship in Vienna

    Dear Kitty:  The Life of Anne Frank                  

    Miracle at Midnight

    Miracle at Moreaux

    The Eye of the Storm

    The Journey of Butterfly


    Teacher Resources


    Berenbaum, Michael  The World Must Know:  The History of the Holocaust as Told in the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

    Rossel, Seymour  The Holocaust - The World and the Jews 1933-1945

    Totten, Samuel  Teaching Holocaust Literature

    Totten, Samuel and Feinberg, Stephen  Teaching and Studying the Holocaust

    United States Holocaust Memorial Museum  Teaching About the Holocaust:A Resource Book for Educators

    Weber, Louis (Publisher)  The Holocaust Chronicle

    Internet sites:

    U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum


    Simon Wiesenthal Multi-Media Learning Center


    Social Studies School Service


    Cybrary of the Holocaust