(From our VMS Student Handbook)

     1.Students will have scheduled lessons and rehearsals once a week, during the school year. Lessons are during PE, Health, & Related Arts only.

    2.Students must take all scheduled tests in class. It is the student's responsibility to inform the instrumental music instructor of any conflicts. Make-up lessons can be arranged within the same day or week.
    3.Students missing three unexcused lessons, and/or rehearsals, in a marking period may be dropped from the program.
    4. Students may not take lessons without participating in Orchestra or Band rehearsals, or be in either ensemble without taking lessons once per week.
    5. Students are expected to attend a combination of lessons, rehearsals, and two evening concerts per school year in order to be eligible for regional & state level auditions, &/or additional performances in & outside of school.
     6. Students may be in more than one performing ensemble &/or play more than one instrument but may only take one lesson per week.