1. All of my interests are fun for me! Let’s see what they are. Sports, i like playing sports but so far I play three sports. The sports are wrestling, soccer, and lacrosse! They’re all interesting if you get to see them. Anyway I love to draw and hopefully I can become an animater some day. Obviously I like to play video games, their fun, challenging, and entertaining! Also I get to play with my friends too! So far those are all my interests, hopefully I’ll find more soon when I grow up.
    2. I am an 8th grader, and sometime I’ll be in high school. I don’t find it exciting. But I hope I have all the fun in 8th grade. Speaking of eigth grade, it’s hard and your the leader of the school! Right now my classes are great! I’m lovin’ 8th grade and I’m thinking that all the 7th and 6th graders are having fun this year. Well wish me luck of a full year of middle school.
    3.  Sure I can be rude or stressed, or just mad or sad I guess. But that doesn’t mean I’m still a nice person! I try to keep calm but sometimes my anxiety gets up to me, I feel upset or stressed. If someone can help me with that then please I’ll thank you for who you are, don’t be shy, don’t be nervous, and more importantly don’t be stressed. Always feel relaxed no matter what even if your stressed!