• The Last Post

    Posted by Layla McLaurin on 3/3/2018 4:00:00 PM

    Welcome back! I’m in sixth grade now, so this is the last post I will ever post on this blog. I don’t get much demand for my posts. I’ve enjoyed my time at Kresson, but I’m in middle school! 

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  • Updates

    Posted by Layla McLaurin on 3/15/2017 5:00:00 PM


    Hi! Welcome back! I haven't posted on my blog! You may have seen my "Story Blog" which I just created yesterday. I am working on a twelve part series called "The Thunder Lake". It is coming out March 16th. My blog is coming to an  end soon. In June. I will be posting on the last day of school (when my blog is taken down) that will be your last 24 hours to check out my website for cool things! I was actually working on "The Thunder Lake" yesterday and finish it, when my iPad died and I lost all my progress. Ha! Thanks! Stay updated!65563456 Happy Saint Patties Day!  

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  • Who was Julia Child?

    Posted by Layla McLaurin on 3/29/2016 8:50:00 PM

    Hi! Welcome to my blog. So sorry the font is so small they updated the blog app and now we can't make font bigger! :( It is so ridicoulously small. So let's get to the point. Who was Julia Child? In 4th grade we are all doing a book report, and I did Julia Child a famous chef! who was also a 6'2 teen who played basketball. I'm gonna list some facts only 5. NO COPYING! I worked hard to come up with these facts. Please do not take these as your own. I had to change the facts I found so I would not steal anyones work. so here they are



    1. Julia Caryoln McWillams was born August 15th  in 1912 in the city of Pasendena state of California
    2. In 1944 She meets Paul Child in Ceylon now Sri Lanka.
    3. She Marries Paul Child in 1946 and becomes Julia Child
    4. Julia Moves to Paris with Paul from Washington DC
    5. Julia statrs a cooking school with her friends Simone or Simca and Beck and Louisette Berthole she also makes a cook book or starts to this happens in the year of 1951.
    These are some facts about Julia Child. happy easter!http://youtube.com/eastervideosEaster egg536357537
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  • Great Wolf Lodge!

    Posted by Layla McLaurin on 2/14/2016

    On, December 17th to 18th I took a trip to Great Wolf Lodge, I missed school, but who the FLIP cares! I had so much  fun! I have not posted on my Blog in awhile, so catch up with me next week Happy Valentine's Day!

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  • Halloween

    Posted by Layla McLaurin on 10/31/2015

    Happy Halloween

    It is late late at night Halloween 2015. How much candy did you get me I got 123 pices and and now they are ruined because my sister dumped nerds starburst and wrappers in my bag and they stuck together and ruined. Bad right?




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  • Over The Summer And school

    Posted by Layla McLaurin on 9/14/2015

     Sorry it is so small, so over the summer took a train to Orlando Flordia,

     and we to Disney World for a few days, and it was aweome we went to Virgina, and nothing else, So fourth grade is  now and I got Mrs. Branciforte. She does pretzel Raffle and journal, so far it has been intresting. But I just had the most confusing homework ever, i was Spelling like to spell, I'm ok with actully doing it, but I'm the worst at every thing else, even the spelling homework, I'm smart I can mutiply and do things ok, in class I am fine but am not good with homeworkA girl that looks like me when I was youinger in the sprinkler school

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  • Easter

    Posted by Layla McLaurin on 4/5/2015

     Happy Easter!

    Its Easter, the post date! Its Spring Break and Passover too! So Happy Holidays, the April ones! I have a link and a Poem!
    Easter is the time of year, when all is great and we have cheer, when we hop around to sing, Easter colors will bring!
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  • St. Patricks Day

    Posted by Layla McLaurin on 3/15/2015
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  • 10 Facts about me!

    Posted by Layla McLaurin on 2/26/2015

    Piano cookie   10 Facts About me!


    Hello I know I have been on my blog a lot, but you still don't Know that much about me! So let's get on with it! 1. Not to brag, but every year in August I go to Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida to celebrate me & my sisters birthday! 2. I can play piano, but I don't play that  much! 3. I love crafting and reading! I even won an award for Reading Incentive. I got Pet Hotel. And from the book fair I got Tombquest and Ranger in Time. And sometimes I barely watch crafting Videos, I usually do it my self.  My Friends and I started a reading Club under Tomboy Calendar. 4. I LOVE cookies! I eat them a lot I ate like 6 Oreos this morning. 5. I am addicted to Puppies and Kitties. I Love my cats so dearly, and I met a dog at the animal shelter and love him! 7. In March my parents are going to Pasadena California, and I will be at my cousins house for 6 days! And later in the year like July I will go to Comic Com with them! This 2015 only!   8. I plan to be an inventor, athlete, vet or gymnast 1 day! 9. I love to listen to music and LOVE the headphones I got at 5 below! 10 I am Awesome! Bye:}! music   
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  • Happy Birthday Monica Pham!

    Posted by Layla McLaurin on 2/23/2015

     Happy Birthday Monica Pham!

    Happy Birthday Monica. You are a special girl! And you're turning 9! I wish you the best Birthday wishes! Bye!:}# Awesomeness!:}]Birthday
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