Enrichment Program

Voorhees offers an Enrichment Program in each elementary school, with an enrichment teacher in each. This program has four components, with activities for students in grades K to 5. 

Interest Groups

Students with common interests in grade 5 choose topics and meet with the enrichment teacher.

Sparks Groups

Students with particular strengths are recommended by classroom teachers/and or meet certain criteria to work on these skills with the enrichment teacher.

Identified Groups

Academically talented students are identified in grades K through 7. Those who qualify through standardized test scores, content area proficiency, creativity and teacher recommendation, are serviced through a weekly two-hour pull-out program in grades 3-5.  Students in grades 6-8 are serviced through their related arts.  Students in grades K-2 are serviced weekly begining in January. Letters for students in grades 3-7 are sent to parents of qualifying students by the school principal in August. Letters for students in grades K-2 are sent to parents of qualifying students in December.


Whole Group Lessons

Teachers may request whole class lessons to be taught by the enrichment teacher. Whole class lessons are available at all grade levels at the request of the homeroom teacher as the EP teacher's schedule permits.

Osage School's Enrichment Teacher:

Please click here to visit Mrs. Strain's WebPage