Voorhees Middle School

Inspire, Engage, and Innovate

Monday                                                                                                               October 27th                                                                              

Lesson Objective:    Students will review Text interactions to prepare for end of the book test                                         

 Materials Needed: Interactions, Quotes to discuss

Instructional Process:

             Warm- up : Check last interaction of ONE Fat Summer – Test/Interactions due October 28th

  1. Meet in group to Discuss book

  2. Quote activity to review

  3. SLAMS review –On test

  4. 4. If time article in Upfront –Insult or Honor

        Evaluation: Teacher Questioning              


Tuesday                                                                                   October 28th RTI/ Sports Supervision         

Lesson Objective: Students will be tested on characterization, theme, and plot of One Fat Summer               Materials Needed:   Test, Free Read book, book interactions                                                 

Instructional Process:

 1. Clear Desk

2.     Test **Hand in book interactions**= quiz grade

3. Free Read/ Book number assignment – The OUTSIDERS


Wednesday                                                                                            October 29th

Lesson Objective: Students will discuss stereotypes, and how people size up others .

Students will be introduced to the characters in the book The Outsiders and understand the problem of the story

Materials needed: book, ipad

Instructional Process:

New Seats:

Instructional Process:

An Outsider is…

  1.  Discuss –Sizing people up /Intro Activity (on my website) –Discuss in small groups

    Group One –First set of questions, etc.

  2. Read chapter 1

  3. Answer questions- Chapter One characters – group discussion format (on my website)

  4. Finish for homework


Thursday-                                                                                                  October 30th

Lesson Objective: Students will cite textual evidence that most strongly supports an analysis of what the text says explicitly as well as inferences drawn from the text

 (Students will compare and contrast the social classes in the Outsiders)

Materials Needed: Book, ipad

Instructional Process:

Warm –up clear desk

  1. Read chapter 2 an 3

  2. Chapter 1-3 Interaction (on my website)/ Venn Diagram

  3. Predict what will happen

                Homework: Finish chapter 3


Friday-                                                                                                  October 31th


Lesson Objective:  Students will engage effectively in a range of collaborative discussions building on others’ ideas and expressing their own clearly

1. Warm –up sit in circle


2, share Spooky Stories





Note: This is a tentative plan.  Plans may need to be adjusted.  

*** We are currently reading  -    Short Stories, Poem, Independent Read- One Fat Summer