Voorhees Middle School

Inspire, Engage, and Innovate

 October 20th                                                        Sandy Scheurenbrand

Monday                                        ____________                       October 20th

Lesson Objective:       Students will cite textual evidence to support analysis of the text

             Materials Needed: upfront magazine –September 2014 – Article –Does Your Phone Have the

                                                                                                                                      Right to Remain Silent?                                                     

Instructional Process:

             Warm- up : Discuss The objectives for the next two days Discussing non-fiction Text

  1. Ask warm-up question ?take home Quiz possible for independent read

  2. Discus 4th Amendment meaning

  3. Read Article

  4. Answer questions. Discuss ideas

             Evaluation: Teacher Questioning, student participation, Written work



Tuesday                                                                             October 21- Sports Supervision

Lesson Objective: Students will cite textual evidence to support analysis of the text 

   Materials Needed:     Upfront magazine –September 2014- The Middle East Mess                                      

Instructional Process:

             Warm- up :  Political Cartoon Activity

             1.    Intro to Article 

             2. Read and Respond to article

 Evaluation: Teacher questioning, student participation, written work







 Wednesday                                                                             October 22nd –Sub. Day

Lesson Objective:  Students will cite textual evidence to support analysis of the text            

             Materials Needed: :     Upfront magazine –September 2014- China’s Rise

Instructional Process: Discuss the components of a debate

             Warm- up : Read out loud the introduction and the two opposing views

  1. What is meant by “China’s rise”

  2. Read opposing viewpoints

  3. Complete Debating China’s Rise

  4. If time complete graph activity

        Evaluation: Teacher Questioning, written work


Thursday                                                                                 January 5, 2012 Halloween Dance

Lesson Objective:    Students will review Text interactions to prepare for end of the book test                                          

 Materials Needed: Interactions, Quotes to discuss

Instructional Process:

             Warm- up : Check last interaction of ONE Fat Summer – Test/Interactions due October 24th

  1. Meet in group to Discuss book

  2. Quote activity to review

  3. SLAMS review –On test

  4. 4. If time article in Upfront –Insult or Honor

        Evaluation: Teacher Questioning              


Friday                                                                                               January 6, 2012

Lesson Objective: Students will be tested on characterization, theme, and plot of One Fat Summer               Materials Needed:   Test, Free Read Book                                                  

Instructional Process:

 1.  Clear Desk



Note: This is a tentative plan.  Plans may need to be adjusted.  

*** We are currently reading  -    Short Stories, Poem, Independent Read- One Fat Summer