Voorhees Middle School

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Non-Fiction Articles for Prep for public Awareness Campaign

February 16th -17th   Tuesday and Wednesday

  Quiz Possible this week for Science Fiction Choice Book

Objective: Students will read two nonfiction articles, to gain understanding of a research project for a Public Awareness Campaign

  1. Explain  Project-Making a Better Society- Research/ Public Awareness Campaign

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world: indeed it’s the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead

Inquiry Question:

If you could change one thing about our society/world what would it be? How?

  1. Read  non-fiction articles about people making a difference,

  2. Article one: On Water and Optimism

  3. Article Two: Back to School

Thursday and Friday    February 18th-19th —Friday –Dance

Lesson Objective: Students will begin to see problems in each society ( Giver,Hunger Games, Divergent, Unwind)

             Materials Needed:  Selected science fiction book, packet                                           

Instructional Process:

  Warm –up   Packet ck 

1. Meetings if needed

2. Read…

                       The Giver- ch  8-10 - Interaction #3

                       Hunger Games – ch 8-10- Interaction #3

                        Divergent- Ch 15-19 - Interaction #3

                         Unwind- ch 21-25- Interaction #3

Evaluation: Teacher Observation / Quiz soon.