Voorhees Middle School

Inspire, Engage, and Innovate

March 30th Science Fiction- Week Five

 Monday                                                                                 March 30th

Lesson Objective: Students will see THE RESOLUTION AND THEME ( Giver, Hunger Games, Divergent, Unwind)

Students will engage effectively in their group discussion building on others ideas and expressing their own clearly.

 Materials Needed: Selected science fiction book, packet                        

Instructional Process:

 Warm –up   Packet due – Finish - by Wed

  1. Explain End of book activity, Acceptance, Doubt, Reaction, Action Tues. –Complete theme

  2.  Group meetings to prepare for test and the Battle of the books

  3. .Read… if not complete

                       The Giver- Ch 20-23, Interaction 7

                       Hunger Games – ch 19-22, 23-End Interaction 7and 8

                        Divergent- Ch37-99 Interaction 7

                         Unwind- ch 60-65, 66-69- Interaction 7 and 8

Evaluation: Teacher Observation / Quiz (Tuesday) –Battle of the Books

Tuesday                                                                                            March 31st

Lesson Objective : Students will review main concepts from their student selected books in a game-like format

  1. Go over rules –Battle of the Books

  2. Quiz –Battle of the Books Activity

  3. Science Fiction Quote Game- If Time

  4. Test –Tomorrow

Wednesday                                                                                       April 1st

Lesson Objective : Students will be tested on the main concepts from their student selected book

  1. Clear desk – Keep out Interactions – If I need to check work***** Hand in book

  2. Complete Test


Thursday                                                                           April 2nd ½ day

Lesson Objective:     Students will work independently/ or collaborately to complete and end of the book task         

             Materials Needed: Selected science fiction book, packet,

Instructional Process:

             Warm- up :    Keep out reading book  if you did not hand in and Journal/ Interaction packet – Direction sheet

  1.  Go over direction sheet

  2. Work on activity

  3.  Present to class

   Or ROSE Club Activity







Note: This is a tentative plan.  Plans may need to be adjusted.  

*** We are currently reading  -   Science Fiction Choice Book