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Boredom Busters for Summer
Just say, "NO" to boredom!








Play Spacey Math and practice your multiplication facts (starts with 1s, then 2s, etc.)


Play Table Mountain and see how well you know your times tables!  



See how far you can drive the car on a fuel of bones at BBC KS3 Game Zone


Play Place Value Puzzler on "Super Brain" level


Learn the names of the 50 states by playing this game


Do you already know your states?  Then play the U.S. Capitals Game.


Are you a geography master?  Then the  Geo-Bee Challenge is for you!


Play Geo Spy and help by identifying countries, states,  continents, and provinces


Explore the White House without leaving home!



Read some more!   Need help finding a book?




Write a Wacky Web Tale and practice your parts of speech




Read Time For Kids Magazine




Go to "Try Science" and conduct some fun experiments


Learn something new at The Why Files


Solve Medical Mysteries


Explore the Electronic Zoo


Want to figure out How Stuff Works?


National Geographic Kids always has great things for kids to do!


Learn healthy eating at Nutrition Cafe

Use the paint brush to make a picture


Learn some Spanish this summer


Design a snowflake while you think of winter




Play an interactive Lewis & Clark Expedition Game in honor of their bicentennial trip


Watch a Movie about Volcanoes

Thank you to Heather Renz!